What An Amazing Year

For all of its ups and downs, 2018 has been a busy and exciting year for all of our communities, members, volunteers, and supporters! We are so excited that your shared your time, energy, and support with Black Nonbelievers and that we accomplished so much.

In this past year, we’ve successfully begin three new BN communities; in Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. Our work has been covered by The Humanist Magazine and was even featured by Playboy! In September, we sponsored and took part in the Black Women’s March in Washington, D.C. I was proud to be chosen to receive the Person of the Year Award from the Unitarian Universalist Humanist Association, and to represent BN’s amazing work at the event. We even capped off the year by returning to sea for our second annual Convention at Sea!

I am so proud of everything that you all do on a daily basis for each other, for our communities, and for the greater world. Together, we are impacting the world in innumerable ways.

We can’t do this without your support. Can you support us with a gift this year? 

We are eagerly looking forward to sponsoring and taking part in Women of Color Beyond Belief in Chicago, IL next year. We have so much exciting news and so many awesome events coming that we can’t wait to share those plans with you soon as well. #BNChangesLives

Please help us continue to change lives. Please support us today with an end of the year gift.

We wish you, and all those in your life, a happy holidays and a wonderful new year!