Promoting Positive Black Atheism


“With the creation of Black Nonbelievers of Richmond, blacks atheists and humanists

will finally have a place to meet, promote positive black atheism, support one another and contribute to the Richmond Virginia Area.”

– Curtis Smith, Richmond organizer

We are so excited to be able to share news about Curtis and his group’s success in Richmond! Please check them out on Meetup and share the news with any friends or family you may know in the area.

Looking for ways to get involved?

Black Nonbelievers is always looking for new folks who would like to be organizers in their local communities. Even if you are not an experienced activist, we want to hear from you! Please let us know by submitting this very short interest form to get started.


 We depend on you as we support chapters all around the country. Please consider a gift to help us keep growing and engaging with our communities!