Activism, Feminism, and Secularism: Don’t Miss Your Chance!

It’s the 2019 summer fundraising drive for Black Nonbelievers!

For the past 8 years, Black Nonbelievers has been building support and community for Blacks (and allies) who are atheist, agnostic, humanist, etc. We have also been diligent with increasing our visibility and representation within both the Black and secular communities. We are now 15 cities strong, and in order to grow and sustain our work, we need your support!

Will you help us in reaching our fundraising goals this summer? You can give on the Facebook fundraising page here, or support us through paypal here.


Early Bird pricing for Women of Color Beyond Belief ends this month! If you have not yet registered, we encourage you to do so by July 31st in order to secure the best pricing available. This will be one amazing event that you simply can’t miss. Register now.