Paying Tribute


I had originally planned to write about Black History Month, and how this is also the time that we express love, and how those two things can come together to support Black Nonbelievers and our very important work.

However, I must now pay tribute and show love to two of our members who passed away last week.

The first is Lorese Howery (pictured next to me below), who was from the Chicago area. I remember meeting her for the first time in person at BN’s 5th Anniversary Celebration in 2016. She was just as funny and radiant as she was on social media, which is how we first connected. I always appreciated how she pushed through her challenges with a sense of humor, and strong determination.

The second is Gean Taylor, who was an Atlanta area member since 2013. When he wasn’t traveling across the country on his motorcycle, Gean would attend as many gatherings as he could – always sporting his BN swag. A very unapologetic and open atheist who was often the life of the party, Gean was more than a member – he was family.

What becomes most important about community organizations are the people. And many of these people become a huge part of our lives, especially when rebuilding these connections after leaving religion. It is important that we honor them and cherish those moments. To show how much we love each other as a community, and in solidarity.

Lorese and Gean were two people who deserved as much love and support as they gave to others – and to BN. They are now a part of the Black history that BN is making, and we will continue to honor them as they lived – with so much courage, love, and LIFE.

Please join me in paying tribute. They will be sorely missed.