Moving Forward in March


So much has transpired since last month’s tribute to our two recently departed members Lorese Howery and Gean Taylor. We are experiencing the war between Russia and Ukraine, which affects us all whether we realize it or not. And while we can appreciate the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court, her proclamation of faith was yet another brazen display of religious privilege, and also reinforces the high religiosity in the Black community.

And on a more personal tragic note, my father, Leroy Dixon Jr., passed away on February 25th. While he was very reserved during his life, his aversion to religion after being raised in the church played an important role in my activism today.

I recently had the occasion to speak with a young Black student who was exploring atheism in Black communities for her senior class project. This was a great opportunity for young and older people alike to learn more about the growing presence of the nonreligious, and the work of our organization. It is with your support that we can not only continue our community work, but also contribute to research and data for future generations. Which is extremely important.

So, as we witness the impending confirmation of Justice Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court and continue to navigate the world around us, we must also stand strong and show how far we have come WITHOUT faith. Our legacies and our lives depend on it.



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