Anniversary Celebration Schedule

8:00 am – Registration and Setup

9:00 am – Main Session Welcome and Opening Remarks: Mandisa Thomas

9:15 am – Introduction of BN Board Members and Affiliate Organizers

9:30 am – Todd Stiefel

9:55 am – Amy Monsky

10:20 am – Break

10:30 am – Workshop Sessions

1. The Author’s Circle

Meet and hear from some writers who have collaborated with BN, and who have also come through our doors as members!

Cheryl Abram – “Firing God”
Kelly Abel and Frank Edwards – “Jupiter Strong”
Candace Gorham – “The Ebony Exodus Project”
R Francis Murphy – “The Everyday Atheist”
Darrell Smith – “You Are Not Alone: Black Nones”

Special Guest Moderator: Jeremiah Camara

2. After Dark: Atheism, Sex and Sexuality

Religious, cultural and societal indoctrination has often proven to be distorting and even damaging to one’s grasp on sexuality. Learn how you can overcome shame and stigma, obtain a more objective outlook and even lead a more fulfilling sex life!

Bridgett Crutchfield – founder and organizer of Black Nonbelievers of Detroit
Charone Pagett – host of the Lambda Radio Report (89.3 WRFG FM)
Darrel Ray – author of “Sex and God”, and host of the “Secular Sexuality” podcast.

11:30 am – Victor Harris

11:45 am – 1:00 pm – Lunch (on your own)

1:00 pm – Pastor Lorenzo Neal

1:30 pm – Mark W. Gura

2:00 pm – Workshop Sessions

1. Community Building: Get Involved!

Don’t have the first clue about the number of organizations within the secular community? Are you aware of the increasing diversity efforts? Do you know how important your contributions are to our growth? Come and learn more about this from activists who are directly involved!

Sarah Haider and Muhammad Syed – Ex- Muslims of North America
Alix Jules – BN of Dallas
David Tamayo – Hispanic American Freethinkers

2. Learn the Wobble, Cha Cha Slide, and More!

Because there’s just a need for us to let loose and have fun, which is an ability that which many have been deprived. If you aren’t up on some of the popular line dances and moves, join us, and get your groove on!

Instructor: Becky Vaughan

3:00 pm – Dave Silverman

3:30 pm – Book Signing and Break

4:00 pm – Alix Jules

4:30 pm – Bridgett Crutchfield

4:50 pm – Acknowledgements and Remarks

5:00 pm – Closing of Main Session

7:00 pm – Dinner Welcome

7:15 pm – Dinner Served

7:40 pm – Introduction of Speaker

7:45 pm – Jeremiah Camara

8:30 pm – Dancing (Music by Victor Harris)

11:00 pm – End of Evening program