New Turn: Secular Solutions for Recidivism

Black Nonbelievers, Inc. is proud to present “New Turn” as a signature program. The focus is to provide help for ex-convicts, at-risk juveniles and individuals who are at a general education and economic disadvantage by developing critical thinking and practical instruction and skills, as well as maximize entrepreneurial capability.

The current correctional system in the United States has proven to be ill-equipped to adequately rehabilitate or reintegrate offenders reentering society, and it has essentially become a revolving door – commonly referred to as recividism. Operational costs for correctional institutions amount to approx. $70 billion a year. This number is a result of changing law enforcement policies over the past 20 years, including the so-called war on drugs, which has led to more aggressive policing, criminalization and incarceration.

Many former inmates – most of who live in or come from low-income communities – struggle to find employment, shake addictions and avoid criminal associations. In some states, ex-convicts are banned from public housing and from even obtaining social services, such as public assistance. Additionally, inexpensive, electronic background checks have made it all too convenient for employers to discriminate (often illegally) against people with criminal records. With few job prospects, mounting responsibilities, family pressures, lack of marketable skills, ever-present disenfranchisement and looming stigma, many ex-offenders backslide and often return to prison.

At the heart of the Black community is the church. Many of these facilities offer short term help for disadvantaged persons, but at the price of individuals being coerced to accept a doctrine which promotes faith and divine intervention over pragmatic solutions. With the Black church generating over 20 billion dollars since the 1980’s, it is astounding to find that ex-inmates are unable to receive the proper help needed to rejoin society in the wake of faulty educational and correctional systems. Temporary emotional upliftment does little to improve a chronic problem, and there is a need for more long term support which will also decrease this revolving door epidemic.

In order to combat this problem, New Turn will offer the following:
 Web and Microsoft application training
 Customer Service skill development
 Interviewing and professionalism training
 Resume and cover letter writing
 Business management & entrepreneurial training
 Job placement assistance
 Mentoring and Support

In order for us to provide this community service, a facility will be needed as a base of operations (rented), and course instructors will be utilized for hands on training and education. We will also be recruiting volunteers who are skilled in creative arts and can also lend a hand with other talents, but financial reimbursement for time and efforts are anticipated.

To make your tax deductible donation to New Turn, please click on our Donate link.

Your help is needed in making a difference – from a secular approach!