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Affiliated Organizations 
American Atheists, Inc.
African Americans for Humanism
Black Atheists of America
Black Atheists of the Triad
Black Nonbelievers of Dallas
Black Nonbelievers of Metro Orlando
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Central North Carolina Atheists and Humanists
Minority Atheists of Michigan
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Foundation Beyond Belief
Camp Quest South Carolina
National Atheist Party

Greta Christina’s Atheists of Color A-List
Mandisa Thomas at Indiana University

Blogs and Podcasts
Black Skeptics
Freethinking Island
The Friendly Atheist

Affinis Apparel – Free From Doctrine
Be Secular
Compass 120 – Apparel for the Freethinker
D&D Desserts
Goal Line Fitness

Atheist Dating Service
Atheist Passions
BN’s Facebook Dating Forum
Single Black Atheist Dating Pool

500+ Atheism vs. Theism Debates
Ayanna Watson vs. Lee Griffin
Mandisa Thomas vs. Joshua the Heretic

Other Atlanta Area Local Groups
Atlanta Freethinker Dance Social
Atlanta Freethought Society
Fayette Freethought Society
Fellowship of Reason
Gwinnett Understanding Secular Truths
Humanists of Georgia

Aching and Praying – Ronnelle Adams
Echoes of Common Sense – Adebowale Ojowuro
God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything – Christopher Hitchens
Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars – Sikivu Hutchinson
The Corrupting of the Redeemer – Jeron Sidnal
The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture – Darrel Ray
The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins
The Online Home of Jeremiah Camara – featuring Holy Lockdown: Does the Black Church Limit Progress and The New Doubting Thomas: The Bible, Black Folks and Blind Belief

Atheism Has a New Face: Mandisa Thomas
CBS News Coverage of BNoA Rally
BNoA on Ask an Atheist TV
Black Atheists of America Youtube Channel
BNoA on The Critical Eye Podcast Episode
Lambda Radio Report
The Skeptic Hour

Networking Sites
Atheist Nexus