Jesus’ Failed Prophecy About His Return

The recent prediction by Harold Camping that the Rapture and a worldwide earthquake would happen on May 21, 2011  was cause for nonbelievers and believers alike to mock rapture date-setters. However, while most Christians wanted to set themselves apart from Camping and other date-setters, they still believe in the second coming of Jesus.  They only reject the date. They don’t see the irrationality of the belief itself whether it comes with a date attached or not.

A new article Jesus’ Failed Prophecy About His Return has been added to the Articles page. It shows that Jesus taught he would return to judge the world and bring about the end of days in the lifetime of his first century disciples. Likewise, the writers of the New Testament believed they would live to see the event in fulfillment of the oracle they believed was given by Jesus. Luckily, the foretelling was false and you are alive to read about it.