Partnership Program

Black Nonbelievers is the foremost organization for black atheists, agnostics, and humanists. Founded in 2011 by Mandisa Thomas, Black Nonbelievers undertakes a variety of activities to support and uplift Black nontheists. 

However, Black Nonbelievers does not have paid staff to help accomplish these critical functions. In order to accomplish these goals effectively, Black Nonbelievers needs a dedicated Executive Director, and a part-time assistant. 

“While BN appreciates all of the support we have received over the years, we still have yet to reach the point where we can expand our operations in a fully functioning manner,” says Thomas. “The growth of our organization is vital not only to those who need us, but also to the organizations that work alongside us”. 

Black Nonbelievers is introducing a Partnership Program, targeting organizations for multi-year commitments, which can better facilitate these developments, in addition to expansion of activities. 

Funds will be used to advance BN’s mission to empower Black Secular Americans in the fight for racial justice, create programs and resources that will benefit members, and tackle the issues that directly impact our communities. 

Partner organizations will receive annual reports, which will include financial statements as well as a summary of progress and achievements. In addition, their contributions will be acknowledged by BN on social media, press releases, and a listing on BN’s website.

Two Partner-level tiers are available to supporting organizations: 

  • Full Partner : $10,000
  • Associate Partner: $5,000

To support the work of Black Nonbelievers as a partner organization, please send a check enclosing one of the two amounts made out to Black Nonbelievers, and mailto:

135 Hopeton Terrace
Fayetteville, GA 30215

You may also complete the electronic form below.

Contact Information: