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About Us

Black Nonbelievers (BN) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization. Headquartered in the Atlanta area, we connect with other Blacks (and allies) who are living free of religion and might otherwise be shunned by family and friends in a caring, friendly, and informative environment. Instead of accepting dogma, we determine truth and morality through reason and evidence.

The mission of Black Nonbelievers is to:

• Provide secular fellowship.

• Nurture and support nonbelievers in “coming out” (ie, openly identification).

• Promote pride in the atheist/nonreligious identity.

• Organize members for charitable causes and a variety of events.

Black Nonbelievers welcomes all regardless of age, gender identity, sexual identity, national origin, and racial identity.


Black Nonbelievers can be found in the following cities (Click to find the one nearest you)
Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Detroit, MI
New York City, NY
Richmond, VA
Washington, D.C.

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  • Join Us on the High Seas!
    Black Nonbelievers will be back on the high seas again in November, 2021, sailing on the Carnival Horizon, which is one of the newer vessels in the company’s fleet. Amenities include an IMAX theater, a skyride, and multiple fine dining restaurants. We will also be partaking in tons of fun, including exciting speakers, salsa dancingContinue reading “Join Us on the High Seas!”
  • Making Black History With 10 Years of BN
    Greetings!!! Welcome to February of 2021 – which is also Black History Month. Of course, at Black Nonbelievers, the history and celebration of the Black community is year-round. And with this in mind, we began commemorating our 10th Year in existence with our Anniversary Celebration, which took place from January 15th to the 17th inContinue reading “Making Black History With 10 Years of BN”
  • Celebrate With Us!
    2021 will mark 10 years of Black Nonbelievers and our work as an organization! Join us for some exciting presentations, workshops, and fun times in the city of New Orleans. It’s more than a conference – it’s a CELEBRATION!!! Featuring: Mandisa Thomas Jeremiah Camara Chris Cameron Bridgett Crutchfield Sikivu Hutchinson Gayle Jordan Anthony Magnabosco Darrel RayAnd more! Its not too late to joinContinue reading “Celebrate With Us!”

Women of Color Beyond Belief will be back and better than ever in 2021. Online streaming is now available. Register here today!!!

BN Seacon will be back in 2021! Get on board now!!!

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