Blackout Secular Rally.

Greetings Everyone!

It has been two weeks since the Blackout Secular Rally took place in New York City, and there is still a buzz surrounding the event. Approx 150 were in attendance, and while some may consider that a small number, it was great to bring a number of atheists/nonbelievers of color (as well as those from supporting organizations) together in one place. The mood was festive, the feedback from attendees was great, and there is definitely interest in making this an annual project. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that.

In the meantime, please check out two articles written by me for the American Humanist Association  and Black Skeptics ( blogs, as well as a video compilation put together by the good folks at the FreethinkingIsland podcast. Also, please continue to follow updates about other events and projects from Black Nonbelievers and Black Atheists of America – and we hope that you consider contributing financially toward our efforts. We appreciate the support as we could not do this without you. For more information, our website will be listed below.

Thanks, and continue to walk by Sight – NOT Faith!