Church Doesn’t Have a Monopoly on Fellowship

Did you catch me speaking on the Ask an Atheist podcast with Sam Mulvey last month? It was a great interview that I’d love to have you check out, if you missed it previously. If you want to skip directly to me, pop into the podcast at the 17-minute mark!

We discuss Black Nonbelievers’ exciting history, how we got started in Atlanta before expanding nationally, and how we just expanded into Portland and Cincinnati! I also discuss how important it is being a space for black nonbelievers while also being inclusive of anyone who shares the organization’s mission and values.

“Making someone feel welcome and comfortable…isn’t something inherent to a religious identity…and it’s probably more genuine because there isn’t a reward from a god for being nice. Religion and the Church don’t have a monopoly on fellowship.”

I am working hard to build communities around the country for people like you, and many that you probably know, to have a space where you all feel welcomed, valued, included, and empowered as member of a community that you love.

Please head over to the podcast, check it out, and then get involved with Black Nonbelievers in any way that you can! Every one of our members means so much to me, and to all of BN’s volunteers and leaders.