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Our speakers were chosen with thoughtful consideration.

We deemed it important to choose women who have a voice, an effort, a platform in real time-women who are ON THE GROUND reaching communities, particularly women, and not serving self interests.

It is easy to choose women who are regularly featured on the secular speaker circuit. We decided to take a different route as it is imperative to share the gift we, The Collective, have received on our individual secular paths…our platforms.

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Black Nonbelievers will be back on the high seas again in November, 2021, sailing on the Carnival Horizon, which is one of the newer vessels in the company’s fleet. Amenities include an IMAX theater, a skyride, and multiple fine dining restaurants. We will also be partaking in tons of fun, including exciting speakers, salsa dancing lessons, and workshops!

Base rates include cabin fare, port fees, taxes, and convention registration.

Don’t forget to register today. We cannot wait to have you join us for fun and festivities after the challenges we’ve all experienced.