Together, we can make a difference today.


Giving Tuesday 2021 is here and is a great way to support your favorite organizations and our important work. We are asking once again for your support for Black Nonbelievers.

From our 10th Anniversary Celebration to the Women of Color Beyond Belief conference, BN SeaCon, and participating in other events like the Secular Week of Action and Juneteenth, BN has been leveling up on our liberation work. However, with the release of the Black Nonreligious Americans report in October (jointly with American Atheists), we still have a long and challenging road ahead.

So, to continue our community engagement, advocacy, and support work, we need YOU. Please consider your tax-deductible donation this Giving Tuesday. 

Please visit our newly redesigned website for more information and the ways you can support.

Together, we can make a difference. Together, we CHANGE LIVES.


Mandisa Thomas

Founder and President

Black Nonbelievers

“Walking by Sight, NOT Faith!”