Juneteenth and Pride IS Black Liberation!

The month of June is very important, as it marks both Juneteenth and Pride.

Since our inception in 2011, BN has ALWAYS celebrated and supported our LGBTQ+ members, and as well those who are in our leadership (including yours truly with my pansexual identity). In fact, it is right there in our mission statement. We understand that supporting religious recovery and healing also means supporting those who are struggling with their sexual and gender identities due to religious and societal stigmas. This is also very important to liberation in Black communities, and we stand firm on this.

As we prepare for the upcoming Juneteenth weekend festivities, remember that there have always been LGBTQ+ activists and voices who have made great contributions and sacrifices for our communities. Attempts to try to silence the expression of our sexual and gender identities is a gross reinforcement of patriarchy, religious oppression, and even White Supremacy. Black identities and liberation very much include the nonreligious and our LGBTQ+ family and friends, and we must never forget this.

So I say, let’s celebrate Juneteenth AND Pride month together. And continue to make our presence known, and voices loudly heard.



OnlySky Media seeks to highlight the work and stories of diverse young secular creators through the Young Secular Voices of Color competition. People of color under 40 years of age whose worldview is nonreligious are encouraged to submit their work.

Although your worldview should be secular, that doesn’t have to be on the surface of the piece. We want your perspective on any aspect of the human experience, not just on being secular. The ideal submission includes a narrative storytelling element, whether personal or otherwise, as well as something that shakes up the perspective of the reader or listener, or tells the story of how your own perspective was shaken up.

Apply here!

We are partnering with American Humanist Association and American Atheists for Lobby Day this year! Lobby Day is an opportunity for members of our community to speak directly with their elected officials and staff in Washington to advocate for the issues we care about in a friendly and empowering environment.

The John Lewis Every Child Deserves a Family Act (S.1848/H.R. 3488) will be the centerpiece of our event.

There are more than 400,000 youth in foster care. And yet, too often, foster care and adoption agencies turn away qualified, loving parents because of who they are, who they love, or what they believe—based on the agency’s religious beliefs rather than the best interests of these children. Too often agencies turn away nonreligious people and those from minority religions.

We are especially in need of Georgia residents to sign up. Please do so here!

Women Of Color Beyond Belief is back for 2022! Please join us in Chicago this fall for an amazing weekend of presentations, exploration, food, fun, and so much more.

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Our ship has changed from the Freedom to the Spirit, but the adventure remains! Must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated, and also prepared to follow all safety guidelines. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

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