Cynthia McDonald

Cynthia McDonald (she/her/hers) is a Social Worker who specializes in marginalized communities in the city of Chicago. She authors a blog called which speaks on the social determinants of health of Black Americans that descend from Chattel Slavery. Cynthia has been a guest on several podcasts speaking on atheism in the black community, political and health advocacy, economic and social justice. She is also a co-producer and host on the Non-Prophets (produced by the Atheist Community of Austin) and on the Secular Haven channel. Cynthia works with various organizations in Chicago and nationally to achieve social and economic justice for Black Descendants of Chattel Slavery, pushes for health equity for marginalized groups in the United States, and normalizing Atheism in the Black Community.

Cynthia is the leader for the newly revived Chicago affiliate of Black Nonbelievers, also known as BN of Chi-town. She has been a guest speaker at the 2021 and 2022 Women of Color Beyond Belief conference, and with the Houston Oasis group. Cynthia is also a musician that writes and performs a variety of genres of music including Classical, R&B, and Dance. She is a member of Godless Gospel, the music group that is produced by the Freedom from Religion Foundation.