Kellie King

Kellie King (she/her/hers), born and raised in Detroit Michigan, was introduced to the concept of God and religion by her maternal grandmother as a child. As she got older, she eventually began experimenting with various religions and denominations of Christianity looking for the right fit. At one point, Kellie decided to read the Bible to find answers, but ended up with more questions. Her children were also doubting their faith at that time, and together after reading and researching, they came to their nonreligious identities. 

However, for 5 years Kellie remained silent, and the only place where she found comfort was watching atheist YouTube videos. One day, she came across a video of Mandisa Thomas speaking about Black Nonbelievers on The Thinking Atheist’s channel. After watching more videos and researching the organization, she decided to attend the Woman of Color Beyond Belief conference in 2021. It was there that she knew where she belonged, and that she wanted to be more than a member.

In January of 2023, Kellie became the leader for BN’s newly revived Detroit affiliate. She’s diligent and passionate in her new position, and loves helping new Nonbelievers find the truth, and building community.