Support Our Summer Campaign!!!


Our annual summer fundraising drive is here, and as always, we count on your support. This jump starts our mid-year operations and programs, including our show In The Cut, and the sponsorship of the Hurston scholarship for Black student activists. In the past, your generosity has helped us to exceed our goal by double the amount, and we hope that this year will be just as successful.

If you visit the Donate tab on our site, you will find a number of ways that you can contribute. If you prefer to give anonymously, not to worry – our PayPal Giving Fund option allows for this. Just click on the photo below to get started. 

As always, none of this is possible without you. And we truly thank you for supporting us. BN will ALWAYS be dedicated to Black nonreligious liberation, which means a commitment to humanism, critical thinking, and community. As well as providing a comforting, fun, and safe space for all.