On The Front Lines of Reproductive Justice.

Christian Nationalism on full display.


This year, Operation Save America, the Christian Nationalist, anti LGBTQ, anti abortion organization, held their annual conference in the Atlanta area, from July 17-22. 

A major portion of their event included protesting (ie, harassing) A Preferred Women’s Health Clinic, a reproductive health center in Forest Park, which is on the South side of the Metro Atlanta area. This center services primarily women of color who need their services, especially in the wake of legal attacks on reproductive justice.

BN had the opportunity to counter protest Operation Save America along with the Black Abortion Defense League (founded and headed by our Charlotte affiliate leader Tina Marshall), We Engage, Pink House Defenders, and Abortion Access Front. It was amazing for me to witness the work of clinic defenders for the first time up close and personal, in fact it was an honor. As an organization, we have always championed reproductive choices, and to see these anti abortionists try to use their religious beliefs to bully others was infuriating. But most important was ensuring that the clinic and its patients could operate safely and securely in the midst of the pandemonium. 

Sandra Hill, BN member and proud prochoice supporter.

My hat and heart goes out to those who do clinic defender work regularly. None of what we do is easy, but it is all very important. And at BN look forward to working more closely with the brave folks who are on the front lines of reproductive justice.

Thank you for your continued support for our community work, which empowers Black nonreligious people in all areas of activism.

Tina Marshall and me.


Mandisa L. Thomas
Founder and President
Black Nonbelievers


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