“Wining” Down in March!


March is Women’s History Month, and at Black Nonbelievers, we are proud to celebrate the voices and work of ALL who identify as women in the fight for liberation and justice.

First recognized in the United States as Women’s History Week in 1982, over 40 years later, this month is important for highlighting achievements, and addressing the economic, racial, reproductive, and social disparities that women still endure.  

Our communities, which champion compassion and evidence as core principles, must continue to uplift the women who are doing important work, as well as invest resources to ensure our success. Victories for women are victories for all, and we can achieve this together! 

In the “spirit” of unity, we invite you, our members, to participate in a research study on nonreligious BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals that is being conducted by Dr. Dena Abbot (University of Nebraska- Lincoln) and Dr. Melanie Brewster (Columbia University). Compensation will be provided if you qualify, please complete this questionnaire to get started. 

At BN, we are continuing our community building and engagement, in person and online. We invite you to join us for our virtual Wine Down (no alcohol required) and Game Night on March 25th, which will feature Name Dropping, the frustratingly fun movie trivia card game. This event will be hosted by the game’s co creator Deana Williams, and Cynthia McDonald, our Chicago affiliate leader.

Collaboration, participation and support is vital to our work at BN, and as always, we thank you for your dedication to building community. Your support is needed, please join us as we continue our liberation work for ALL!


Mandisa L. Thomas
Founder and President
Black Nonbelievers
“Walking by Sight, NOT Faith!”

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